Devyn Park MFA Print Media Capstone 2019

Patterns of Paradise

Welcome to the Patterns of Paradise showroom! Feast your eyes on beautiful, hand-printed patterns based off of personal and historical narratives from the artist’s home of Kailua Kona Hawaii. Hidden within the colorful, Hawaii-ana showroom, lies symbolic imagery that speaks to the dark history of Western influence in the Hawaiian Islands and how it has shaped the natural and cultural landscapes.  Through the use of vibrantly colored hand-printed wallpapers, heavily patterned apparel, and other forms of print media I am inviting the viewer to interact with and to discover the dark narratives hidden within. By implanting these narratives into loud designs that exist on domestic surfaces, that often go unnoticed, this work documents my research and self-realizations of the western culture and my inherited implication to the colonization and commercialization of the Hawaiian islands.  

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