Jennifer Bacon MFA Visual Studies Thesis 2019

The Processor

This paper explores the traditional black and white darkroom through experiences directly tied to the constructs and perceived notions of black and white photography. To begin, the paper discusses the theoretical, technical, and popular definitions of what a photograph is. Like many artists, the question of, “What is a photograph?” is consistently relevant in their own practice and understanding of the importance of emphasis on process and materiality. Throughout the paper, I am cataloging historical and contemporary influences through various thinkers and artist, past and present, that shape and mold my own understanding of what is truly photographic. The artists and the works mentioned are directly linked to my conceptual frameworks of photography, they highlight specific points of my interests and inspirations. By defining the photograph for myself and my work in this paper, I hope to encourage others to expose and undermine their own constructed notions of what is and what could be a photograph.

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