Brittany Vega MFA Visual Studies Thesis 2019

American Curtain

The American processes built for public political participation are seemingly more riddled than ever with biases and manipulations, and an attitudinal shift is palpable. The reoccurring complications with voting methods pushes objects like the voting booth away from posing as a trustworthy device and further as a symbolic facade, a curtain that reveals less than what one hoped for. American Curtain pulls on the historical weight of celebratory designs of national insignia to investigate the contrasting emotional posture regarding the communal frustration over political self-expression in the United States. The work examines the irony of how particular national aspirations have been depicted in such motifs while distracting from the faults that are pervasive in the process of getting there. American Curtain seeks to examine moments in which hope in achieving a romanticized goal have been met with distorted views of a dreamt American outcome.

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