Brittany Windsor MFA Visual Studies Thesis 2019


Subspace explores a subversion of sexuality in which shame is eroticized in order to aid in catharsis and empowerment. Shame is oppressive to our desires, makes us question our intuition, and closets our personalities and self-expression. Through the use of rope installation and sculpture, I entice conversations around consent, demystify taboos around sex and kink, and complicate the relationship between shame and desire by visualizing a kink term called subspace. Subspace is a state of mind and body, often like a trance, caused by endorphins emitted during a BDSM scenario. This visceral and chemical response is caused by rope suspension, impact, and other kink activities that may be painful, pleasurable, or provoked by fear.
Subspace asks us to explore our shame and desire so that we can better understand our boundaries and ourselves.

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