Kristin Smallwood BFA Thesis Spring 2011

Maximum Exposure: How Do You Leave a Purse In a Chat Room?

Maximum Exposure: How Do You Leave a Purse In a Chat Room? is a video depicting use of the Internet based on a fictionalized narrative. I have explored the affects of our exposure to media technology by focusing on Cultivation Theory, hyperreality, the virtual, television, the Internet, and surveillance. Appropriation plays a key role in my video and is applied in various forms including the use of Ryan Trecartinʼs art site,

This project started out with more of a focus on television, and like the evolution of the unity between television programing and the Internet, the resulting work has become a combination of the two. I am questioning how television and the Internet as entertainment may be embodied in the future. I am anticipating a time in which books, movies, and even television shows will be based on “lived” experiences from the Internet. Voyeurism, privacy, and surveillance are reoccurring themes in the work. These are issues which raise serious ethical questions that I can only highlight the data of, rather than answer.

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Spring 2011