Pamela Guest BFA Animated Arts Thesis Spring 2018

Asi Somos

Asi Somos is a 9 minute multimedia film, displayed as a projected installation. This film is broken up into 3 parts which indicate the generational differences and progression of the artist’s family history. Asi Somos utilizes live action super 8 footage, 2d digital animation and stop motion animation to evoke a sense of fragmentation and a collage like feeling.

The installation itself, is comprised of 3 projections that are varying in aspect ratio, 2 crt tvs, and booklets containing written transcriptions of the auditory content of the film.

Asi somos is a living family archive, a piece of history, a tool to help the artists honor where they’re from. It acts as a visual representation of the transgenerational relationship between 3 generations of women.

Part 1 : Grandmother
Part 2: Grandmother
Part 3: Mother

This narrative is facilitated through an installation through opening up a space, a metaphorical one as well as a physical one. This space facilitates an immersive and collaborative way of looking at vulnerability and transparency. This space can also be used as a means of working through trauma.

Asi Somos is a history of where we’ve been and a way of processing that.

Asi Somos exists as a living document of resilience.

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Spring 2018