Marin Vesely BFA Video + Sound Thesis Spring 2018


P H A S I N G is an experiment in audiovisual cinema, one that combines slices of our ethereal thoughts on eco-anxiety into a minimal story about the present and the future of humankind. Through order and phasing rhythmic patterns, my collaborator Zac Chia and I build a story of the earth and humanity—our current state of anthropic dystopia, our future, and the gap between our actions and social change by pulling from a database of video and audio clips to create a list-type pattern of places, people, and abstractions. The process of environmental destruction is one that is elongated and comes from many different types of human actions and events. Like a trail, the destruction branches, stretches, builds on itself over time; changes over time. In this sense I refer to a question posed by Rob Nixon is his book Slow Violence and Environmentalism of the Poor, “How can we convert into image and narrative the disasters that are slow moving and long in the making, disasters that are anonymous and that star nobody, disasters that are attrional and of indifferent interest to the sensation-driven technologies of the image-making world?”

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Spring 2018