Mel McKinley MFA Applied Craft + Design Practicum 2018

Elevated routines: making sense through object-awareness

Elevated routines: making sense through object-awareness serves as an investigation into space, structure, sensation, and self.

I aim to facilitate an exchange between the objects, surfaces, and structures that create the built environment and thereby the user. I do so by creating designs that serve as tools for engagement, and heightening awareness and intention in the user’s body and their movements through space.

These designs are based on a set of principles I have defined, for myself and my practice, to better understand how I believe we value and create relationships with objects and our environment.

Elevated routines is based on a culmination of personal observation and recorded experience. Through the lens of my practice I find moments of noticing in my own life and dissect them, to better understand how I naturally break out of the flow of everyday instinctual mindlessness. I attempt to better understand how objects play a role in the creation of rituals, routines and systems – both on a personal and cultural level. Using this information to magnify moments of engagement, I readdress the underlying structure that leads to being aware and unaware in our domestic environment. This serves as the foundation for creating a dialogue with the body and an opportunity to design objects that increase the impact of minor and seemingly mindless interaction.

This investigation is in support of my interest in better understanding how our nuanced interactions in our environment and with objects can serve to be stimulating and intentional even when they are domestic and seemingly monotonous.

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